Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I buy your products and how much do they cost?

A. Stockists change and prices vary. The easiest way to find out is to select the item(s)
you want and enter the catalogue number in a search engine. (eg ‘HUH06’ ‘HH04’ etc.)

Q. Your website is ‘hornetandwolf’ Where is the ‘wolf’?

A. Models with the brand name Wolf were sold alongside Hornet some years ago, but
have ceased production. The ‘hornetandwolf’ title was already registered as a domain
name, and it was printed on thousands of packages. We kept it as it was.

Q. How are the original models made?

A. They are hand modelled/sculpted, usually under magnification, at the same size that
they appear in finished form. They are not mechanically reduced or 3D printed.

Q. What is the country of origin?

A. England (UK), but the products are available worldwide.

Q. Sometimes I notice very similar faces to the Hornet range on other manufacturers’
products. Do you sculpt for anyone else?

A. Not since 1986, when I began the Hornet range. If another manufacturer actually
remoulds my work to use on a commercially produced model he is a thief and should be
boiled in oil. Blatant (inferior) copies of the heads sets appear from time to time and I have
no way of knowing how much damage they have done to sales.

Q. Will more models be added to the range?

A. Never say never, but it is unlikely. I am now very aged and I intend to spend more time
on the yacht.