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Hornet models first appeared in 1986, and they were some of the earliest figurines to appear in the 1:35 scale that is now almost universal. From the start, the series was much praised by the modelling press, and some of the world's best miniaturists have used the range ever since. The Hornet heads and hands appear regularly on award winning models all over the world.

Modern plastic kits are often very good indeed, but technical limitations mean that faces and hands on injection-moulded figurines lack refinement and individuality. The Hornet range allows a modeller to make a mass-produced figurine into something unique. Look at the pictures on this site and allow your imagination free rein!

Unfortunately it became uneconomical to produce the figurines that we started out with all those years ago and production has been ended. The figurines remain my copyright and no-one else has permission to reproduce them.

A word about scale: I always give the scale as a ratio, and try not to use vague terms such as '54mm'. As a guide, what some manufacturers describe as 54mm approximates to 1:32 scale, although this can vary a little. It is simple and easy to check accuracy of modelling - 1mm (or inch) of actual dimension on a 1:35 model should represent 35mm (or inches) on the real thing. Sometimes you will see the ratio expressed as a fraction, (eg 1/35) but it means the same!

The ‘H32’ reference heads are slightly larger and are more likely to be suitable for ‘54mm’ figurines.

There is now only one category of Hornet model: Head & Hand sets

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Hornet Information | Head & Hand sets