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Roger Saunders, Feb 2016

Hornet is the brand name of models © Roger Saunders, trading as Roger Saunders & Associates

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Hornet model soldiers

Hornet products are unpainted and unassembled scale models intended for hobbyists.

These kits are not suitable for small children, and are not recommended for anyone under 14 years old.

They contain small parts, and may cause harm if ingested.

About this site

This is now an on-line catalogue, and I no longer make direct sales.

I also occasionally post news on Facebook as ‘Roger Saunders’.

The address for email is - but please explore this website before emailing any questions. Most of the queries I get are already answered somewhere on the website!

Please note that search engines and the preferences stored on your computer may direct you to the old and outdated site at Greenwich Gateway (the homepage picture on that version shows me in a suit at the top and is dated 2012).

For reasons too complicated to explain we cannot close down this ‘zombie’ site.

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Hornet products
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Product list
Click the ‘star’ icon to view a showcase gallery of painted models using Hornet products. Image: Model by Mirko Bayerl using Hornet Heads & Hands

Model by Mirko Bayerl using Hornet Heads

Product list
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Latest models
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Mellow Yellow

There are still a few models out there in an earlier yellow resin instead of the usual grey. The colour was changed temporarily for supply reasons and the quality is the same. The yellow resin is a similar colour to the Hornet packs, and has the usual Hornet matt surface.

It seems that every time I get our header packs printed the colour or card changes. This annoys the hell out of me but there is little that can be done – it’s just one of those things (variations in ink, printing presses, colour blind operators, card textures and now a new print contractor as well!). So far as I am aware, the copyists haven’t attempted to reproduce the packs so mismatched header cards just signal different print batches.

Buyer Beware

Beware of scams used by ‘pirate’ copyists, who are causing real manufacturers many problems. Pirates will often use pictures of the genuine product, sometimes even downloading them from their victim’s own website, but will actually sell knocked off inferior copies. At least one pirate says his product is genuine, but claims that somehow all the packaging has been lost or damaged. For more snarls about piracy click on the Piracy link.

Roger Saunders
July 2016